The Villa Preferred Access Experience

We want you to vacation the way you want to and with Villa Preferred Access, you are in charge of your family’s vacations. You have already made the commitment to vacation, so now you get to choose how you want the use time. The more points you purchase, the more points you have and the greater your opportunities to enjoy the benefits and services of the spectacular resorts.

Endless Possibilities

Points can be used how you want to use them. Use your points to reserve your suite, but don’t stop there, now you can use your points for more

Imagine the Time

The Villa Group knows that life happens and members cannot always get away exactly when they want. Just because you could not vacation during one of your membership years, does not mean you will lose anything. Those points are there for when you need them. Just put them in your “bank” and use them later. Points should never be wasted; you just need to decide how to use them.

More Points… More Vacation

As an example, let’s say each year, your membership as a part of Villa Preferred Access provides your family 3,000 points to use on vacationing. Well one of those years you couldn’t make it to Mexico… not to worry here is how you can use them.

Villa Group – Vacation Possibilities Your Points Your Cash Your Value
Live in Luxury – Reserve a beautiful two bedroom suite in Cabo San Lucas for TEN Nights 3,900 $0 $4,500
Dining Pleasures- Purchase a Seven Day Meal Plan for Two 1,611 $693 $1,386
Pamper those you love – Purchase spa services in advance and save. She deserves a nice massage! 233 $100 $260
Stock the fridge – Not every meal needs to be in the restaurant. Stock up on some needed groceries and see the value of planning ahead. 116 $50 $120
Celebrating a Special Occasion? Surprise that special person with flowers upon arrival. 53 23 46
Total Cost 5,913 $866 $6,312

Now that’s using your points wisely – Because you started with 3,000 annual points and you had 3,000 vacation banked points you still have more points to use on future vacations to book your suite. That’s flexibility and value!