If you’ve been happy with your Villa del Palmar experience, the best way to show us your appreciation is to share it with your loved ones. We know that a personal referral from our satisfied members is the best way for us to keep growing so that we can provide even better amenities, services and resorts for you in the future!

When you give us the names of your friends or family, we’ll offer them a trip to visit our resorts at an incredible discount only available through our Owner Referral program. After they take their vacation, we’ll reward you with resort credits as a thank you for spreading the word! If your friends decide to become members you’ll receive even more credit. You’ll also be entered into our quarterly drawing to win a free cruise, for every friend you refer to us!

Keep an eye on this page to learn about special offers from the Referral Department so you and your friends can enjoy even more benefits at the Villa del Palmar! Please call 1-800-676-9394 to reach our Referral Department.

How the Beachfront Rewards Program Works:


Beachfront Rewards Program!

Thank you for taking the time to join our Beachfront Rewards Program!

Your referrals are greatly appreciated.

Please input your name and your member number along with the name, email and phone number of your referrals.

Feel free to give us one to five and if you happen to have more than five you will be able to use this same form to input up to five referrals at a time.

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